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The UnAffordable Affordable Care Act
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The UnAffordable Affordable Care Act
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The UnAffordable Affordable Care Act
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The UnAffordable Affordable Care Act

While the press is busy with the Fiscal Cliff no one is talking about the taxes and cost to the American Middle Class with the new Healthcare bill. Over 6 million dollars thus far has been raised by Enroll
America a non profit organization to get the word out to encourage the uninsured to get coverage. The Federal Government has already awarded 3.1 Million dollars to Weber Shandwick a public relations firm to begin the campaign to enroll the uninsured. (read article in the New York Times Next Challenge for the Health Law:Getting the Public to Buy In.

The question needs to be asked, if the Affordable Care Act is really about delivering Affordable coverage for all Americans why do we need to spend money to entice Americans to purchase the coverage must less penalize them for not doing it? It would seem logical that Americans would clamor to enroll.

President Obama promised Affordable coverage for all Americans. The premium for a young male in his 20′s will start at $210 a month! Today coverage could be found for less than $100!!!!

The spin the government will be pushing is free, low cost, subsidized plans. But will they really be better than plans today?

The Bronze plan will have a $2000 deductible but a maximum out of pocket of $5950 for an individual and $11,900 for a family.

Time is short, the push is on by the government to force this plan on the American public. Do we really want to pay more in taxes personally and corporately, have less coverage, and be saddled with a difficult system to understand? Or do we want to find solutions to Healthcare, keep America working, have real people not computers telling us what plans will best meet our families needs.

  It is time to put the brakes on before we fall off another fiscal cliff!