The UnAffordable Affordable Care Act

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Affordability and the New Health Care Bill

2014 looms around the corner and another glitch in the plan has been identified by Democrats in Congress. In the New York times article in” Health Law Could Make Family Coverage Too Costly for Many” by Robert Pear points out ” Under rules proposed by the service, some working-class families would be unable to afford […]

Medical Loss Ratio Did it Provide Value And Rebates to Millions of Consumers?

  August was earmarked to bring rebates to Consumers from Insurance companies that were overcharging consumers for their Healthcare. It was one of the reasons used to show how the Federal Government would reduce costs for Health Care.   Insurance companies were to reveal how much they were spending the premium dollars on healthcare claims […]

Healthy Texas No Longer Accepting New Business

This week the Texas Department of Insurance announced: ”Healthy Texas is primarily funded with state dollars and is currently funded to continue coverage through August 2013.  Starting in the late summer of 2012, Healthy Texas carriers will not accept new groups.  Suspending enrollment ensures that Healthy Texas has sufficient funds to continue covering the groups […]

President Obama passed a TAX LAW !

As the dust settles from the ruling of the Supreme court ruling, it is now politically correct to call the Affordable Care Act what it is a Tax Law. Most of the Health Reform was window dressing for a redistribution of wealth, a back door approach to dealing with the ever growing baby boomers and […]

Supreme Court Decision and the Future of Obamacare

Now that the Supreme Court has kicked the ball back to Congress it will now be the people of the United States to decide if we keep Obamacare or really reform Health Care. Obamacare is a Tax to the American people to fund a Single Payor Government Health Care plan. The rhetoric  and sound bites […]

Health Care Reform Back Up

  In June the Supreme Court will decide on the legality of the individual mandate. The Democrats and President Obama support the law as written and have argued without the mandate the cost for health insurance will go up. The Republicans argue the Federal government cannot legislate Commerce laws. Our founding fathers wisely chose a […]

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Healthcare Reform

Today the US Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments on the Healthcare Reform Law. Thanks to a bulletin from the  National Association Health Underwriters Newswire you will be able to access a number of sources to become informed on the issue. Click on the links toread the full story from each source On the eve of […]

Irving Telecom Firm Uses Green Approach to Generate Business

Check out our client Evelyn Torres with Solaris Technologies in the Dallas Business Journal. Read the article here!

State Exchange Plans: Will They be Affordable?

State Exchange Plans will they be affordable? With the dawning of a new year we draw closer to the deadline for the State Exchanges to be ready for enrollment for 2014.  The next hurdle will be finalizing the plans that will be available on the Exchanges. The government has broken down the plans to be: […]